The Buddha's Wife BookThe Buddha’s Wife is divided into two parts: Book One is Yasodhara’s story as we imagine it—a parable of a life of spiri­tual awakening and accompaniment. Book Two is a contemporary reader’s companion, helping the reader to make direct connection with the principles and practices underlying Yasodhara’s story by offering ways to apply and live the wisdom of her path in our mod-ern-day lives.

We suggest that you read Book One completely before you look at Book Two.

You might find a spiritual friend or friends, or a partner, or spiritual circles, or a reading group to work through the reader’s companion together. Each chapter of Book Two will offer reflec­tion questions that will help illuminate our relational life. Where are the healthy relationships and communities? Which are not healthy? What is missing? What can be built on and what needs to be left behind? What relationships and communities are spiritually enliv­ening? How can we participate in building these?

Each chapter offers particular relational practices to support your walking this path toward becoming a “relational activist” in your life. Commitment to ongoing practice is the most important way to live this path. And practicing together accelerates and expands the possibilities.