The Buddha's Wife BookSpiritual Healing

Yasodhara’s community discovers the healing power of the Circle of Compassion. The healing—the bearing and releasing of suffering together—is available to all who participate.  One of the core healing properties lies in coming out of isolation and into true community.

Speaking and listening become spiritual practices that need cultivation, awareness, and care.  The ritual becomes a spiritual practice, as all learn how to listen and respond—to call forth by deep listening and then to respond in careful speech, in kind.  A time and place of refuge, it reliably transforms everyday social conversation—news and gossip and jokes and banter—to the expression of essential, core experience.  It relies on the great human gift of voice to transmit our experience person-to-person in the ripe field of compassion.

This is the essence of healing, both for the group and for the individual.  As each person speaks, you can almost see the light pouring toward the person; and their voices speaking the truth into the compassionate listening radiates to the others, then back to the speaker.  This is true mutuality: the relational principle of listening and speaking as spiritual practice co-arises with each other.  We hear each other into speech, and speaking truth opens the being of the listener; there is profound receptivity and resonance.