The Buddha's Wife BookRelational Meditation Practice

This practice grounds the action of asking and receiving care. (To be done with another person or in pairs within a group.)

– Have one person read the directions and ring a bell at the beginning of the exercise.

– Sitting on cushions face to face, practice the mindful awareness of sitting together, eyes open, hands clasped lightly, breathing in and out, silently investigating what it’s like to sit and breathe together. (3–5 minutes)

– Open your hands to reflect your own expression of asking and receiving (could be one hand reaching out, one on the heart), then breathe deeply into the posture. Contemplate the feeling of opening and receiving in the body, mind, and heart. Feel the flow or Circle of Compassion encompassing you together, around, and between. (5 minutes)

– Share how you felt when simply experiencing the other’s pres­ence. What arose in you from the practice of opening to and receiving? (5 minutes)

– End with a moment of silence, then ring the bell to complete the exercise.

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