Spiritual “we”

“Commitment to any spiritual path requires ferocity of purpose and finding a shared spiritual practice.” (p. 190, The Buddha’s Wife)

To welcome the New Year, many find it an auspicious time to renew vows, commitments, and promises. A New Year becomes an opportunity to look at our purpose and aspirations.

For couples, it can be an especially exciting time to renew a shared path. When couples share a path that integrates both the ordinary and extraordinary, the everyday with spirit, there is an opportunity to awaken together as a spiritual “we.” Moments of deep connection, when we are truly present with the other, supports and expands the relationship into a spiritual dimension.

Dialogue and deep listening are steps that can expand couples mutuality—a way of being with each other in a safe holding circle of intimacy. If you have a shared commitment with your partner to become a spiritual “we,” here are three practices from The Buddha’s Wife:

  1. Write a relational purpose statement. What are our spiritual aspirations for the relationship?
  2. What are our vows and commitments to each other?
  3. What are some simple phrases or mantras to remind ourselves of these commitments? For example: “We do it together.”

Remember to also have fun throughout the journey—laughter is a beautiful way to connect heart to heart!