What is a relational activist?

“A relational activist understands that only together can we fully live and tap into the power and wisdom of the sangha [community] of all beings.” (p. 260, The Buddha’s Wife)

Princess Yasodhara and the women of her circle or sangha became in our book pioneering examples of historical relational activists. And, our book shares the continuation of this relational legacy through contemporary profiles of many activists who strive to widen the circle of our oneness and humanity today.

What then is a relational activist?

A relational activist is one who vows to walk the Path of Right Relationship, a path of relational-building and nurturing—one who practices creating peace, social justice, and community healing through the fabric of our relationships and interactions. It is a stance that values showing up, respecting, and celebrating our diversity in order to live and thrive together. Here are attributes of a relational activist from our book:

  • Visionary and realistic
  • Faithful to the vision (peace, social justice, community building)
  • Evolutionary (open to change and growth)
  • Committed to the Path of Right Relationship
  • Practicing daily the Path of Right Relationship

And here are three practices you can integrate into your everyday life as you walk the path and become a relational activist for your family, friends, and community:

  • Deep listening and right speech
  • Practicing forgiveness
  • Devoted to caring for self and others in your relationships